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Death Whistle is available! 

I'm thrilled with the way the final installment of the Greene Island Mystery Series came out. It has more adventure (Skull Island), an evil nemesis, and lots of mystery. This is the final showdown between Hardy and his friends and the "Curse", so I hope you enjoy it.

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I'm already working on a new book. The best way to describe it would be a dystopian fantasy in the 1400's where a heavenly calamity has destroyed the land of Farren and divided the kingdom. The heirs of Alrenia, live in the trees, and the heirs of Ulu live on the ground. Fantasy is a new area for me, but I'm excited to see where this adventure will go.

June News - Blue Ink Press is hosting $10 writing workshops at Read With Me bookstore in downtown Raleigh for elementary age and for adults.




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