Ten Books for Your 2013 Christmas Gift List

I’m crazy excited to have two “Special Guest” recommendations, plus, those of you who allowed me to include your favorite read this year. I think you’ll find some great book gift ideas.  Happy Shopping!  *Note – Most of these are also available in your local bookstore. Continue reading

Ecksdot Book Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my, prepare to take a wild ride…

Ecksdot, pronounced X-dot, is one creative adventure. The main character is a six-grader named Nate, who loves to spend time in his imagination. He dreams about being a superhero and is bored by the mundane routine of school and his new neighbor, Danny, who is uncool and trying to be his friend. “I wanted to be a hero. That’s all I wanted in the whole world. But I was surrounded by stupid every-day sort of stuff. Like school. And friggin Danny.” I was blown away with how Washburn nailed the mind of a six-grader. It was simply fantastic. You will be a kid again, reading this book. I know I was. Continue reading