Sixth Grade Writing Contest

Congratulations to Shaena Riddles – Winner of the 6th grade writing contest.

Here’s a sneek peek of FORBIDDEN:

The hot sand burns my feet, but it’s worth it.  Thomas is  coming home today.  He was chosen for the Docking last April and today the boat is bringing him home, no doubt jam packed with a million stories of his experience.
     My twin, home at last.
     “Violet Royal, step away from that water this instant!”  My mother, the beautiful Cynthia Royal, calls.  I take one last look at the horizon before stomping back up to where my parents are waiting.
     “He’s almost here.  I can feel it,” I say.


So proud of these girlsl too!

Rachel Goldin – How We Survived Sixth Grade

I look up at all the students embarrassed. Since I am late, I hand the tardy slip of paper to my new teacher, Mrs. Shuping. She takes the slip of paper with her pale, frail hand. I look up at her and she just smiles. My homeroom teacher is so pale!
      I look for a seat to sit, once I unpacked my book bag full of stuff. Crystal, my friend I’ve known since kindergarten, waves her hand to direct me to a spot across from her with two other boys across from each other. I glare at her with shame and Crystal just shrugs.
     Crystal has her shaggy dark brown hair in a pony-tail with a bright looking T-shirt that reads, Sixth Grade Rocks in a pink and neon glow.
     Crystal smiles as I sit down in my seat. The boys at our table are nuts and I have only known them for a few minutes! The boy that sits next to me keeps bouncing in his seat. He has blonde hair and is only four nine in height. He is also wearing Under Amour with shorts and black and white Nike shoes and socks.

Lillian Wiener- Careless Charlottte and the Curse of the Creepy Homework

It was a dark and mysterious morning on a not so ordinary Monday…….Just kidding! It’s me Charlotte Marie! It’s my first day of second grade and I have Ms. Grettleston!
      “CHARLOTTE!” yelled Charlotte’s mama. “Come down for breakfast!”
      “Okay mama!” Charlotte yelled back. Quick as a bee, Charlotte threw on her clothes, grabbed her book bag, and ran down the stairs.
      “Yuck, cereal” said Charlotte as she sat down.
      “Yum, cereal” said her mom. “Now hurry up and eat your breakfast, the bus will be here in two minutes.”
      “Yeah Charlotte!” Charlotte’s little brother, Carter said.
      “Now you two, stop the fighting, we need you both to be ready for school. NOW!” said Charlotte’s mom as she looked out the window. “Grab your lunches kids, mama loves you!”
      “Love you!” they yelled as they got on the school bus. But what Charlotte didn’t know was that Ms. Grettleston was the meanest and creepiest teacher in the school…